Put Your Data Into Action with Data Bend

Seamlessly integrate, transform, display and put to use all of your data.

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Data Bend dashboard

Capitalize on Data Across All Sources

All of the tools you need to put your data into action!

Data Interface

Our data interfaces allows you to pull data from and push data to all of your data sources. Add, remove and transform data in our easy to use drag and drop environment.

Automation Framework

Automate all of the functionality in Data Bend in our simple, yet powerful, automation framework.

Analytics Editor

Compose impressive analytics visuals using the javascript library of your choice a WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Message Editor

Compose data driven email in a WYSIWYG HTML editor and MMS text messages in a text editor.

Powerfully Simple Administration

Explore the nodes in your horizontally scale-able Data Bend cluster, manage fine grained security, and much more in our easy to use administration interface.

Data Scripting

Interface with data in storage just like you do with variables in a programming language using our data scripting interface.

Data Templates

Create templates that allow the interpretation and generation of unstructured data.

Event Reaction

React to events with the execution of automation graphs and data scripts.

Schedule Jobs

Schedule automation graph and data script execution to run at a specific day and time or periodically.

Content Interfaces

Provide access to content via HTTP and react to content access.

Standard Formats

Ingest and generate JSON, XML and CSV files directly.